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Commission - Soldaat by SaradoraArt Commission - Soldaat :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 6 0 Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn by SaradoraArt Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 9 3
You cannot mend a broken heart
You cannot mend a broken heart
Once it’s been torn, it’s torn apart
You can pretend that you’re alright
Say it is fine and be all bright
You can tell jokes and laugh at them
Act like a fool, start a mayhem
Everyone thinks you’re moving on
And so will think those who are gone.
But deep beneath, you know the truth
There is a pain nothing can soothe
Because you watch scavengers feast
On a relationship deceased
Pretend they care, the new best friends
And strut around with good intents.
“It’s healthier that way” they say
We’re here for you and here to stay”
And while you watch them nod wisely
All you can do is think sadly
“There was a time when it was me
Who said these things to you, sweetie.”
Here you are now with nothing left
Feeling empty, feeling bereft
Although you are the one to blame
(or maybe not, but it’s the same)
You wish you could go back in time
When your relationship was prime
Enjoy every second of it
:iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 2 0
Winter Draenei by SaradoraArt Winter Draenei :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 12 0 First shipment of BlizzCon Badges (2016) by SaradoraArt First shipment of BlizzCon Badges (2016) :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 4 0 Lanyard and con badge by SaradoraArt Lanyard and con badge :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 4 0 Badge Commission Info 2016 by SaradoraArt Badge Commission Info 2016 :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 0 0 BlizzCon Badge Frames 2016 by SaradoraArt BlizzCon Badge Frames 2016 :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 4 0 BlizzCon Badges - 2016 by SaradoraArt BlizzCon Badges - 2016 :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 4 0 Deathope and Zao by SaradoraArt Deathope and Zao :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 6 0 Melathor by SaradoraArt Melathor :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 5 0 Mischief by SaradoraArt Mischief :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 16 0 Inktober 2016 by SaradoraArt Inktober 2016 :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 6 5 Halloween Peek-a-boo by SaradoraArt Halloween Peek-a-boo :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 8 5 Commission - Charge! by SaradoraArt Commission - Charge! :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 7 2 Against the Tide by SaradoraArt Against the Tide :iconsaradoraart:SaradoraArt 3 0


Twystdistini - Draenai Hunter by RakaelTowers Twystdistini - Draenai Hunter :iconrakaeltowers:RakaelTowers 12 4 Abdomen steps tutorial pack .promo by sakimichan Abdomen steps tutorial pack .promo :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,303 131 Moonwell by kagesatsuki Moonwell :iconkagesatsuki:kagesatsuki 83 2 Murloc!Faeb by Faebelina Murloc!Faeb :iconfaebelina:Faebelina 54 6 Wild Trinkets by Ariannasaurus Wild Trinkets :iconariannasaurus:Ariannasaurus 4 0 Wee Little Acorns by Ariannasaurus Wee Little Acorns :iconariannasaurus:Ariannasaurus 2 0 Howling good Holiday! by Kazulgfox Howling good Holiday! :iconkazulgfox:Kazulgfox 18 3 Thalyssra by Taenthl Thalyssra :icontaenthl:Taenthl 31 3 Greymane Cosplay by Kazulgfox Greymane Cosplay :iconkazulgfox:Kazulgfox 139 15 Saradora by Wertgard Saradora :iconwertgard:Wertgard 9 0 Tear of Elune by Eithniel Tear of Elune :iconeithniel:Eithniel 74 11 Gilneas by auryanne Gilneas :iconauryanne:auryanne 50 5
A guide on making an art portfolio.
Hello! Very often people ask me to review their portfolio, often enough to detect a certain pattern of wrong choices that cause potential proffecional artists to sit longer on the side bench than necessary.
The following article serves as a guideline but in no way it it the absolute truth or only route into getting yourself a concept art position or illustration job. See it as a checklist, before approaching your dream job.
It's the big artist dream to simply paint what you like and be able to sell that and make a ton of money so you can simply keep making what you like. Even though there are some artists out there that are pretty much living this dream reality, it is incredibly rare. 
When you want to be an artist working for commercial things like: movies, video-games, tabletop games, tv-shows, graphic novels etc, you have to inevitably compete with tons of other great artists. A lot of those artists don't know how to market themselves though.
(The art featured in this j
:iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 970 27
brick texture by starsandpolkadots brick texture :iconstarsandpolkadots:starsandpolkadots 170 51 Eversong Acorn Charms by Ariannasaurus Eversong Acorn Charms :iconariannasaurus:Ariannasaurus 10 2 Watercolor Brushes by mcbadshoes Watercolor Brushes :iconmcbadshoes:mcbadshoes 2,791 785


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

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Commission information

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2016, 8:09 AM

Commissions are currently OPEN!

Ordering process

  1. You contact me at and tell me what you want: an avatar, a bust with one battle pet, a badge with the Alliance frame etc. This is also when you should send me your reference pictures and other requirements (read on the Digital Art or Badges page for specific requirements).
  2. I reply by telling you the exact price and will wait for your agreement before I start working on the sketch.
  3. I make a basic sketch of your character. You are allowed to ask me to change it but I’ll limit it to two revisions. Please note that minor changes might still occur between the approved sketch and the final work.
  4. Once we agree on the sketch, I am expecting upfront payment of the entirety of the amount due via a PayPal invoice that I will send you. The payment must be done within 10 days or I will cancel the project and you will lose your spot.
  5. Once I get the money, I notify you by e-mail and start working on the final picture. Don’t ask me for updates, I won’t forget you even if you don’t have news from me! I might contact you if I need your opinion on something as I want you to be fully pleased with the final product.
  6. When finished, I send you the final, high-resolution version of your drawing. It’s still time for minor changes: darker/lighter hair color, a flaw you noticed somewhere (like a misplaced spot of color, these things happen) but please keep it within reason.

Terms & Conditions

By commissioning me, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the following terms and conditions:

  • I’m only accepting payment via PayPal and in Euros (€). 
  • I’m opening a limited number of commission slots at the same time. Once they’re filled, I don’t re-open commissions until all drawings are done.
  • I’m not taking pre-orders, you have to check when slots are open again in my DeviantArt journal. An announcement of re-opening will also be made on Twitter.
  • If you have questions, you can contact me by e-mail at
  • Commissions must be requested by e-mail. Twitter DMs and DeviantArt notes will be ignored.
  • I reserve myself the right to refuse a commission without justification.
  • Rules and prices are subject to change over time; these changes are not applicable to ongoing commissions.
  • Full payment is expected once you agree with the sketch. I won’t start working on the final drawing before I get it.
  • No refund of paid amounts will be granted for whatever reason, unless I am the one explicitly cancelling the project (and informing you by e-mail).
  • I remain the sole owner of all rights associated to the pictures I draw. You cannot reproduce, modify or sell my work without my specific and written consent. You can repost my work as long as you're crediting me.
  • I am allowed to use your picture on DeviantArt, Twitter, in my portfolio and in any other self-promotion channels. However, I won't sell it to someone else without prior asking for your consent (including on RebBubble, Society6 or any other platform)


Which programs and tablet do you use?

I am working with Photoshop CS6, LazyNezumi and a Wacom Bamboo Fun M Pen & Touch.

How long will it take to get my drawing done?

Drawing is my pasttime and should remain a pleasure, not a constraint. This is why I’m working rather slowly compared to other artists! You will get your drawing done eventually, this is the only promise I can make. I can wrap an avatar up in one evening or take two weeks to finish a bust, it depends on my mood, motivation and real life schedule.
Should I encounter unexpected delays due to real life issues, I would tell you and potentially refund you what you already paid.

Do you only draw characters from WoW?

No. I can draw characters from several games/fandoms as long as you provide me enough references. Do you want me to draw your “Harry Potter” OC? Tell me their house, describe me their outfit, send me pictures of famous people looking like them etc. I never have too many references!

Do you draw furries?

Err… This is way out of my comfort zone. I can give it a try and we both decide if it’ll be possible or not based on the sketch I send you for approval.

Where/how can I use the picture you draw for me?

You cannot reproduce, modify or sell my work; neither can you post it on any website/platform without crediting me. But you can print it for yourself and if you do, please send me pictures, I’d gladly see them!

Can I pay you in WoW gold/dollars/[insert currency here]?


Do you make art trades?

I might consider doing an art trade if you’re an artist I know and trust. Otherwise, no.



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SaradoraArt Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oui un peu normal, c'est Plume d'Hiver ici ^^ Je ne me suis pas beaucoup fait remarquer sur ton blog alors ça m'étonnerait que le pseudo te dise quelque chose :D
Ca me fait toujours plaisir de retrouver quelqu'un que je connais (même un petit peu) d'ailleurs sur DA, c'est comme retrouver un ami perdu de vue au hasard dans la rue ^^;
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